Casino math

Return Percent – Expected Win / Bet. Determines what percentage of the average bet wins. In our case, 83.3%
The percentage of the institution is the inverse indicator that shows which part of the rate on average the institution takes. In our case, 100-83.03 = 16.7%
In different casino games, the return percentage is different and varies from 75% to 99.9%. This percentage is based on the income of all casinos in the world.
From here you can determine the income of the institution (D)
D = Amount of rates x Percentage of the institution
And with large amounts of bets and the number of players for an institution, it does not matter what particular player won or not. Since a number of large wins will be compensated by the same number of large wins, and the average picture will be at an average level according to the formula. Therefore, there are 2 possibilities for raising casino income.
Reduce the return percentage – Technically, in any online casino you can easily set any return percentage. However, in such a casino no one will play. More often than not, players constantly play at the casino where they have ever won.
Increase the amount of bets – For this you need to attract more players and preferably those who will bet more. On a more attractive way for both players and owners of the institution.
It may be asked whether the player has a chance to win? Here it is necessary to understand the following.
Any casino, like any business, is aimed at making a profit and initially the player’s chances are less than institutions.
Expected win or loss is manifested only on average, and there are significant deviations from the average. Therefore, both good fortune and big losses are possible.
You can not only rely on mathematics. The concept of luck, inexplicable from a scientific point of view is essential to the game.
However, do not forget about mathematics. Games where the return percentage is higher is fundamentally more profitable for the player.
Possible outcomes also depend on the type of game bets and the possible achievable result of the types and sizes of bets. Look at the distribution of results for several popular games. The